Britney Spears’ Cousin Surfaces: Alli Sims Lives!

With Britney Spears’ comeback in full swing, it was only a matter of time before cousin Alli Sims surfaced.

The brunette, once Britney’s right-hand ma’am, hit Hollywood hotspot Bardot last night, where sources reveal to Celebuzz the aspiring singer spent time with rock chick Avril Lavigne.

“They hung out and drunk Patron,” the source says of the odd couple, 27 and 24 respectively, who attended the popular Monday-night burlesque performance at the venue (which is attached to music staple The Avalon).

Another odd fixture at Lavigne’s table was motorist Brandon Davis.

“She and Brandon were close all night,” the spy tells us. “They arrived early and stayed for the long haul.”

Surprising, as Davis’ blonde once-mainstay Paris Hilton was also in the club with a gaggle of girlfriends, sitting on the patio and joking with staffers about how she was on the hunt for a “cute boy.”

All walks of the Hollywood totem pole seemed to turn up, from Dan Aykroyd to Rachel Leigh Cook.

Full moon or new order, who can tell?

Regardless, Sims must need some comfort, as only last month she bemoaned that Britney had been put on lockdown by dad Jamie Spears.

“”When her dad gained control, he put some rules down,” Sims told the New York Post. “[I]t’s just best for her to not communicate with a lot of people. My main concern is her being okay.”