Evan Rachel Wood Reconnect with Her Dad

Evan Rachel Wood walked the red carpet at last night’s Gotham Independent Film Awards in New York, looking chipper in a gold-colored dress and purple heels.

Wood, 21, announced her split from goth rocker Marilyn Manson, 39, in early November. The two had been a couple since December 2006.

“I feel a lot better now than I thought I was going to,” Evan told OK! at the awards event. “It was hard at first, but I’ve kept my chin up and it’s just fun now. I only have to answer to myself, and it’s great.”

Wood also explained that after taking on the role of Stephanie Robinson, the angry daughter in the critically-acclaimed Mickey Rourke-starring film The Wrestler, she was inspired to reconnect with her own father, Ira.

“I was separated from my dad for most of my life, but we forgave each other for whatever had happened,” the Thirteen actress explained.

“It’s huge for me. He’s been the most supportive dad. No matter what has happened, he’s always been there. And especially right now—he’s been so great. He really helped me out. Making The Wrestler was like getting paid to go to therapy.”

Evan spent Thanksgiving with her father, and she says she plans to get together with him for the Christmas holiday, as well.

In the meantime, The Wrestler will see a limited release in theaters on December 17.