Heidi Montag’s Mom Is Seething Over the Wedding

Heidi Montag appears to have tempted her mother’s wrath by eloping with Spencer Pratt last month.

Just one week after Montag, 22, and Pratt, 25, appeared on the cover of Us Weekly in a tell-all about their secret wedding vows in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Heidi’s mom Darelene Egelhoff has given an exclusive interview to the mag.

The 46-year-old expresses her “devestation” over her daughter’s decision to marry Spencer.

“He’s manipulative and seems to have power over Heidi,” Darlene told Us from her home in Crested Butte, Colorado. “I would like to see a blood test from Mexico. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had her drugged.”

Heidi had been expected to show up at her family’s Thanksgiving get-together, but chose to stay in Cabo San Lucas with Pratt instead.

“Spencer has tried to cut everyone out of her life,” the infuriated matron said. “I’ve been honest with Heidi, and it’s caused our relationship to decline. I’m more devastated about that than the marriage, because I’m confident the marriage won’t work out.”

Egelhoff gives Speidi’s wedded bliss just six months before it falls apart.

“God says love your enemies, but I never expected it to be my son-in-law… I think it’s the biggest mistake Heidi’s ever made.”

But, really, Darlene should have seen this coming. As far back as August, Heidi was publicly talking wedding plans with Spencer.

And, hey, at least it wasn’t a shotgun wedding.