Morning Frills #108: ‘Frill the Messenger’ Edition

Melinda Messenger has filled many roles in her 37 years. Flight attendant. Page Three girl. Lingerie model. “Rear of the Year” recipient for 1997. Television personality. And now, perfumer.

The 34DD Renaissance woman was at the Vanilla store in London yesterday to introduce her new perfume, Delightful.

Yes, that’s right; like so many celebrities these days, Melinda Messenger is launching a fragrance.

And to hear her tell it, it’s quite the scent. “This perfume is the perfect start to the day, I wear it first thing in the morning and it really gives you a lift and makes you feel fresh and delicious all day long,” Messenger humbly offers. “It’s perfect for the evening too, when you want to feel special. It’s a beautiful signature fragrance that I would not want to be without.”

Speaking of things that one shouldn’t be without, click through the gallery on the right for more sexy pics of Melinda Messenger’s fragrance launch. Because the eyes deserve a treat as much as the nose does.