A Gwyneth Christmas: Patlrow's GOOP Gift Guide

A Gwyneth Christmas: Patlrow's GOOP Gift Guide-photo

As ever with Celebuzz's GoopWatch, we bring you closer and closer into the world of Gwyneth Paltrow.

Following the 36-year-old's wellness advice and Thanksgiving faves, we're pleased to tell you the goodies that might appear under her tree, as well as her recommendations for gifts to your nearest and dearest.

Some of her best bets include:

  • Flip Ultra Camcorder, $149 ("This is fantastic," says Gwyn.)
  • Personalized Smythson Notebooks, from $50 ("Add a loved one's intitials for a thoughtful present," she encourages)
  • Spade Cake Knife, $75 (Because "who doesn't want a reason to eat cake everyday?")
  • Cook with Jamie: My Guide to Making You a Better Cook, $24.75 (Oliver is Paltrow's "food idol," besides Martio Batali of course)
  • Hermes Womens Cape Cod Watch, $1,850 (Before you attack her over the recession, she admits the watch is "the ultimate anti-credit crunch present...but a girl can dream")
  • Barney's New York Cashmere Socks, $45 (Because, as any good GP lover knows, "Cashmere for under fifty dollars. Nothing more to say.")

See her full wish list for holiday cheer here.



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