David Beckham Touches Down in New Zealand

Where there’s David Beckham movement, screaming fans with pens and pads are sure to follow.

Becks, 33, arrived in Auckland, New Zealand with his team, the LA Galaxy, for a head-to-head match with the Oceania All-Stars team.

Minus wife Victoria Beckham, 34, the Beckmeister greeted nationals, signed autographs and even shared a hug with a member of Te Waihono, a Kupe Maori cultural group.

“I’m just looking forward to seeing the sights and spending some time here; it’s going to be great,” Becks told a local TV outlet.

He may be thousands of miles away, but he can rest easy knowing he put his daddy time in before departing.

Victoria, in the meantime, is busying herself with the business of not being a busy super-famous person. And how!