Justin Timberlake Finds Golf Strenuous

An obviously stressed-out Justin Timberlake , 27, took in a round of golf with pal Alfonso Ribiero (“Carlton” from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), 37, in Toluca Lake, California, yesterday.

Timberlake, in casual golf togs, leisurely made his way around the course with seemingly not a care in the world.

He was probably glowing because he knew he was going to honor Black Snake Moan co-star Samuel L. Jackson, 60, at the American Cinematheque Awards held at the Beverly Hills Hilton later that night.

Timberlake pronounced the “L” in veteran actor Samuel L.’s name to mean “love, man, love.”

The “Four Minutes” man seems to be a lot more at ease on the golf course then he was as a begrudging dog walker in the canyons of Los Angeles with girlfriend Jessica Biel, 26.  That hiking stress might have come from a discussion about why he wasn’t cool with having kids just yet.

As for the golfing, Timberlake signed a major deal with Callaway to endorse (and use) their products while on the course.

Let’s hope he honors his commitments. Otherwise, Callaway could be getting a hold of some of that “SexyBack” money.

Just ask Charlize Theron what happens if he should accidentally use the wrong brand of driver.