Mary-Kate Olsen’s Inner Rocker Chick Shines Through

Mary Kate Olsen, 22, was photographed in Miami yesterday looking like she was about to launch into a rendition of “Freebird.”

Olsen (sporting a a brown velvet hat, blue velvet jacket, bell-bottoms and wedges) was in town for the Art Basel event at the Miami convention center with some male friends and alleged boyfriend Nate Lowman, 29.

Lowman, a painter whose work has been shown at New Museum of Contemporary Art and at New York’s Maccarone gallery, was at the Art Basel fair promoting his work.

And Mary-Kate was assumedly there to support the artist.

But no sunglasses! What gives?

Olsen recently denied that she’s pregnant with Lowman’s baby, which is sad.  That would be one “Freedom Rock” hippie-looking kid judging by Mary-Kate’s recent attire, and counterculture kids can be so cute.

Olsen has never confirmed that she’s in a relationship with Lowman. She can’t be. Her one true love is fashion.

She has her own clothing line (The Row) and a coffee table book about her and her sister’s sartorial influences.

But it looks like her love affair with clothes right now might be in a retro groove so deep, some might call it a rut.

As long as she doesn’t take the brown acid, MK should come out of this current non-dressy digression just fine.