Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift: Grammy Snub Sisters

This holiday season, what could you possibly give the two biggest teen acts in town, who have everything money could ever buy?

Grammy nominations, apparently.

Both Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, 16 and 18 respectively, were denied a chance at the little gold trophies when nominees were announced during a televised concert special last night.

What’s worse? Swift served as mistress of ceremonies for the program. Was her public humiliation a cruel consolation prize, perhaps?  Or just a vicious oversight?

While Miley’s Breakout was skipped over, at least she wasn’t dished any extra salt in her wounds. Poor Swift may be extra smarting because her former boyfriend and his siblings, known the world over as the Jonas Brothers, scored a nomination for Best New Artist.

Rest assured, Taylor, there’s a different trophy at stake that your old flame Joe Jonas might not take home in the end.

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