Morning Frills #109: ‘The $5 Million Mams’ Edition

Adriana Lima sure is something special. Not only is she one of the few supermodels willing to let the world know that she eats, but the 27-year-old, Brazilian-born Victoria’s Secret spokesbody is a die-hard proponent of brassiere technology. Like, she’s almost insanely dedicated to the things.

The latest cutting-edge bit of lingerie to capture Lima’s attention? The Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra, which boasts 3,900 diamonds and a hefty $5 million price tag.

“I can picture myself wearing it on the beach with a very thin blouse to see the sparkles through the shirt,” Lima says of the luxury support garment.

Well, yeah; who couldn’t picture that?

Check out the video below, and let Adriana tell you all about it!

Wow; learning is fun!

So will the general public be treated to further sightings of Lima in this ultimate indulgence?

“I would love for someone to get it for me as a gift,” Lima hints.

Honey, you make $7 million a year; why don’t you treat yourself?

The gallery on the right, by contrast, costs nothing. Check out the sexy photos of Adriana Lima. The best things in life really are free!