Amy Winehouse’s Boozy Hospital Breakout

Amy Winehouse had a scandalous lapse in her recovery last night, as she sprung out of the London Clinic for a night of rocking and boozing.

The Grammy-winning British singer, 25, checked into the private hospital after allegedly suffering a drug and alcohol-induced seizure 10 days ago.

Winehouse was also said to have recently given husband Blake Fielder-Civil a farewell romp—from her sick bed—before he was sent back to prison for reportedly failing a drug test.

By last night, the “Rehab” singer was perhaps feeling too cooped up. Amy was snapped by photographers as she caroused throughout East London, spliff in mouth while in the backseat of a car.

Might that be medicinal marijuana?

Winehouse is said to have gone to a friend’s house in Camden for a late-night drinking session after spending a few hours in a recording studio on her freedom jaunt.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Amy returned to the London Clinic in the early a.m. hours.

Her nurses may want to consider double-bolting her door at night.  They should also put in for hazard pay.