Curious: Courtney Love and Billy Corgan Buds Again?

Have Courtney Love and Billy Corgan buried the hatchet?

Celebuzz spies caught Love, 44, attending a Smashing Pumpkins concert in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. Corgan is lead singer, guitarist and composer for the band.

Love was “feeling no pain,” an eyewitness says, floating around the Gibson Amphitheater where the Pumpkins stopped as a part of their 20th anniversary.

Love and Corgan, 41, had a falling out over Love and Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

In July of this year, the pair—who dated prior to Love marrying Cobain—were collaborating on Courtney’s forthcoming record, tentatively titled Nobodies Daughter.

Courtney asked Billy to help Frances Bean ring in her sweet sixteen (to be held a month later on August 16) with a special performance. But Corgan’s anniversary tour came together, reportedly forcing him to cancel the coming-of-age gig.

Love took to her MySpace blog, often packed with misspellings and incoherent thoughts, to berate Corgan for ruining her daughter’s party.

“A sweet sixteen is a big event and I think she looked upon you as family. I know she did, as a trustworthy and wise (child), and you can’t lay your s— on a child of [m]ine, and you as a man of 40 — my child sobbing, due to you, is unacceptable,” Love wrote.

For all anyone knew, the pair have been estranged ever since—so why is Love now taking to partying at his performances?

Just curious…

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