Doug and Amanda Chow on New Love Questions

Celebuzz has been all over Amanda Bynes and Doug Reinhardt since the very beginning.

Enter: the first paparazzi video. An E! cam caught the hooked up pair exiting Crown Bar (after a dinner at swanky Chinese spot Mr. Chow) in West Hollywood last night, 22-year-old Bynes being lead by the arm to her beau’s awaiting Range Rover.

Reinhardt, 23, dodged several pap questions along the lines of, “Is Amanda going to be on the next season of The Hills?” and “Will her and Lauren go at it?”

While that remains to be seen, the duo seem to be getting as much mileage out of each others twinkling fame. A tipster tells us Reinhardt and Bynes were out over the weekend at Eva Longoria Parker at Todd English’s Beso.

With whom did they dine? None other than Reinhardt best friend Brody Jenner and girlfriend Jayde Nicole.