Paris Hilton Exposes Her New BFF to Her World

Paris Hilton, 27, and new BFF via reality show Brittany Flickinger were spotted post- deli lunch and loaded up with shopping bags in Bel-Air yesterday.

In case you were unaware who Paris was, her sweatpants should clue you in.

Flickinger beat out 17 other girls and guys to be crowned Paris’ new best friend forever.

Brittany’s MySpace lists her as 24 and a musican/model. Which probably means “waitress” until she made the grade on Paris’ MTV reality show, Paris Hilton: My New BFF.

Hopefully, this exposure to Paris will help advance Britanny’s career as a catwalk-strolling rocker.

Flickinger should beware, though.

Hilton, currently lobbying to play a live-action Tinkerbell for Disney, isn’t known for keeping up with her friendships.

Ask Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie.

Well, Nicole was briefly back in the fold when Paris was dating her baby daddy’s twin.

But now that Paris has split with Benji Madden, Tinkerbell probably won’t be dropping by to babysit for Harlow Madden anytime soon.