VIDEO: Paris Hilton Walks Into Danger!

Forbes’ pick for most-overexposed celebrity, Paris Hilton, got caught up in quite the fracas outside the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills last night.

Singer-without-a-label Paris, 27, was at the establishment’s opening party with the winner of her BFF reality show, Brittany Flickinger, 24.

But while the two socialites were inside yukking it up, a tempestuous brawl was brewing outside with a few of the party’s patrons and the photographers waiting to get snaps of the stars.

Unknowingly, Hilton and Flickinger stepped into the maddening ring of violence as they were leaving. Paris was pulled while trying to head to her car, causing her to audibly yelp. Then a man began repeatedly punching and yelling at one of the paparazzi.

Check it out below:

Paris Hilton

Well, the good thing is that traumatic events like this often make people grow closer.

Maybe Brittany really will end up BFFs with Paris, after all!