Blathazar Getty and Sienna Miller’s Somber Snack

Thursday night in Los Angeles, Sienna Miller, 26, and on/off lover Balthazar Getty, 33, were spotted at swanky Italian eatery Il Sole.

Sources inside the restaurant tell us that no hearts and stars were flying for the two.

Sienna and Balthazar’s hookup was a heavy blow to Getty’s marriage to wife Rosetta Getty, and karma seems to be coming back around.  Sienna was seen crying hysterically at the table.

“For lack of a better phrase, she was a hot mess,” the source tells Celebuzz. The couple shared a tomato and burrata salad as well as seven-layer lasagna.

It wasn’t all tears, however.  The spy said dinner was a virtual rollercoaster.

“Sienna was wiping away tears, then leaning in and whispering and giggling,” said the source.

So what’s plaguing the Brit blonde?

Could it be her constant battle with the paparazzi, or rifts in her headline-making love?

Take our poll and tell us—is media pressure causing Sienna’s sobbing, or a mismatch for the pair?