Chace Crawford: Too Humble to Be a Big Star?

Chace Crawford, 22, isn’t much like the guy he plays on the hit show Gossip Girl. It seems there are few similarities between Chace and his character Nate.

Nate is the big cheese of the Upper East Side in New York City, while Chace hails from a small town in Texas. Crawford also has a fairly family-centric set of values.

The proof? Chace, Ed Westwick, 21, and Jessica Szohr, 23 went home to Texas for Thanksgiving. Apparently Chace is just like us—a regular joe who likes to bar hop—but with dashing looks.

For all this popularity, and a public crush from Miley Cyrus, Chace doesn’t seem to be getting himself involved in the Hollywood party scene. The clubs are saturated by popular, young, good-looking stars like himself. But he primarily pals around with his fellow co-stars, especially Ed.

He also doesn’t wander too far from his Chelsea-based home. His small town values have paid off. Of the the Gossip Girl cast, he is perhaps the most popular and adored of all, but Chace keeps a low profile. His co-star Blake Lively, 21 has admitted to being rather low-key, too.

Way to go, Chace! Hollywood hasn’t corrupted you yet.