Trend Alert: Leather Motorcyle and Biker Jackets

One of fall’s more popular celeb trends is pretty badass: motorcycle jackets!

With its sleek leather exterior and smooth, sculpted lines, the biker jacket is a bit rock-and-roll, yet still a classic. There was a time when these coats were perceived as only being worn by tattooed biker chicks.

Now they’re a must-have item for fall, and sometimes even the red carpet.

Lindsay Lohan, 22, has been rocking the biker look for a while, and everyone has finally caught on.

Taylor Momsen, 15, used smoky eyes to play up the rock ‘n’ roll, biker-chick look of her head-to-toe black ensemble. Victoria Beckham, 34, Chace Crawford, 23, Nicole Kidman, 41, and even Sharon Stone, 50, have all followed suit.

Paired with party dresses, frocks, T-shirts, and even button-down shirts, the look is super-easy to pull off. Who doesn’t love looking trendy without having to break the bank?

Take a spin through our favorite biker looks and leave your thoughts in comments!