‘Gossip Girl’ Mom Kelly Rutherford Ready for Baby #2

Foxy Gossip Girl babe Kelly Rutherford, 40, has announced that she’s pregnant with her second child. She and husband Daniel Giersch currently have a two-year-old son named Hermés, whom she allegedly named after the clothing label.

On the hit CW nighttime soap, Rutherford plays Lilly van der Woodsen, mother to Blake Lively and Connor Paolo’s characters “Serena” and “Eric.”

But don’t expect Rutherford’s pregnancy to spill over into Gossip Girl’s plotlines.

“I told [the writers] pretty much as soon as I found out, so they had some time to think about it,” she told People Thursday night while attending the Sylvania ShowHouse lights event in New York.

“They have so many great storylines going right now. I think they decided to go with [them]. I’ll only be I think about six months pregnant when we go on hiatus so it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out and work around it.”

Currently on Gossip Girl, Rutherford’s character is caught in a flirtatious friendship with Matthew Settle’s “Rufus Humphrey,” father of Penn Badgley and Taylor Momsen’s characters.

There’s just one problem: Lily van der Woodsen is married.

As for the rumor of her co-stars Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr being seen kissing on a recent flight from Dallas, Rutherford tells People, “I’ve got a scene with Ed tonight. I’m gonna give him a hard time about it. I love it. I love hearing gossip.”

Well, she’s certainly working on the right show, then.

Contratulations on your pregnancy, Kelly!