Jonas Brothers: Hey, Big Spenders!

The Jonas Brothers are one of the biggest names in entertainment these days, and the brothers are definitely living large! The well-dressed trio made $12 million just in 2007 alone, and this year’s paycheck is expected to be monstrous!

Nick, 16, Joe, 19, and Kevin, 21, recently splurged on a $24,500-a-month Bel-Air rental home, a $2.8 million Texas mansion, as well as super-expensive toys, such as sports cars, laptops, flat-screen TVs, and furniture.

In Touch also reports that the siblings spend thousands each month on designer footwear and clothing.

Ooh, it seems like shoes are their guilty pleasure. Ladies, take note!

Wonder what they’re getting their special hunnies for Christmas?

At second thought, they better wait ’till the special day is a little closer if they keep up the rate they’re going through girls!