Remember When: Vanessa Williams Was Miss America?

Vanessa Williams, 45, stands out on Ugly Betty as the biatch we love-to-hate, “Wilhelmina Slater,” and it seems like she’s always been one for drama!

Vanessa became a role-model to millions of young American girls in September of 1983 by being crowned the first African American Miss America. However, her reign was cut short when she was pressured to resign after scandalous nude pictures of her leaked on the internet were sold to the men’s magazine press.

Not a woman to give up easily, the busty brunette relaunched her career by venturing into the music biz, releasing her first of many hit albums in 1988.

In 2006, she landed the role of a lifetime in the popular show Ugly Betty, where she is able to show the world on a weekly basis just why she is a star!

Maybe she could show Lindsay Lohan, 22, how a real comeback is done?