Aubrey O’Day: Coming Out of the Closet?

Ousted Danity Kane member Aubrey O’Day was snapped holding hands and smooching affectionately with socialite heiress Lydia Hearst-Shaw, 27, over the summer.

It seemed at the time like the singer may have been  hamming it up for the cameras.  But the New York Post reports today there may be more to Aubrey’s same-sex leanings than meets the eye.

O’Day, 24, attended the SKY Group launch of the BlackBerry Pearl Flip at Highbar in New York City last week with an unknown woman.

Later she hit up NASCAR’s party at Marquee with the same gal pal, and introduced her as “my girlfriend,” says the Post.

O’Day claimed she was making a statement against California’s recent ballot measure Proposition 8. The proposition, which passed with California voters in November, overturned an amendment to legalize gay marriage in the state.

But Aubrey apparently has a pretty cheery outlook on the rights issue.

“We don’t need a piece of paper to validate our relationship,” O’Day said of her friend. She then added that her dog, Ginger, was “also a lesbian.”

Well, Ginger certainly has taken up some colors of the rainbow.

But could all this gender bender flaunting have something to do with the reason Sean “Diddy” Combs gave Aubrey the boot from his Making the Band girl group Danity Kane?