Courtside Reconcile for David Duchovny and Tea Leoni?

David Duchovny and Tea Leoni made a public family outing on Sunday, taking in a New York Knicks basketball game in chilly New York City, directly on the heels of reconciliation rumors.

After being spotted getting affectionate (while getting some Tasti D-Lite) on the Upper East Side last Thursday, 48-year-old Duchovny was snapped sitting in the sweet seats at Madison Square Garden with wife Leoni, 42.

The pair laughed and enjoyed concessions with their children, Madelaine and Kyd, 9 and 6 respectively.

After news broke that Duchovny had entered rehab for sex addiction in late August, the couple revealed six weeks later that they’d been separated for months. They had hoped to keep the news private for the sake of their children.

Star magazine reports the couple now plans to erect a new family home, a $5 million Upper-East Side apartment that the mag claims is undergoing renovations.

Celebuzz has reached out to reps for the pair to confirm the shelter share.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, David will still be able to act out on his sexually compulsive whims—at least on TV.

Showtime has opted for a third season of Californication, the saucy and explicit series that follows the bedroom exploits of sexually supercharged fictional writer Hank Moody, as embodied by Duchovny.

Leoni, meanwhile, will next be seen in Manure, a film about literal B.S. that costars 53-year-old Billy Bob Thornton, with whom Tea was rumored to have engaged in an affair.

With a public showing of affectionate family unity like this, all those messy whispers might be behind David and Tea for good.