Jessica Alba Au Naturel—Perfection in the Raw

You can’t improve on perfection. Especially when the perfection is the miraculously resilient figure of Jessica Alba.

The 27-year-old actress recently became the featured model for the 2009 Campari calendar, flaunting her post-birth form in a variety of swimsuits and evening gowns.

Now the un-retouched photos—taken by lensman Mario Testino—have surfaced on the Internet.

An alleged scandal erupted among catty tongue-waggers about the amount of work done to Alba’s pictures to make her look presentable.

Looking at the unadorned photos, the real scandal here is that Jessica Alba doesn’t need Photoshop to look good.

In raw form, she has obviously defied the laws of physics and snapped into superb shape a scant six months after giving birth to her daughter, Honor Marie.  No amount of airbrushing can embellish that fact.

As everyone already knew, it requires extraordinary effort—and a supremely talented wardrobe department—to make Alba look anything less than stunning.

Way to silence those who would speak ill of you, Jessica! Of course, you’re an old hand at shutting up your enemies.

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