Madonna Thinks Guy Ritchie Is Prospecting…

The Sun reports that, despite previous claims that director Guy Ritchie, 40, wanted none of Madonna’s reported $475 million fortune, he is receiving large sums of money from his “Sticky & Sweet” estranged wife.

Madonna is, sources say, giving Guy a $64 million pay-off.

Guy is supposedly worth $37 million on his own, and he has become a thorn in the Kabbalah queen’s side since they split.

“I’m totally devastated that Guy’s turned out to be such a gold-digger,” Madonna, 50, is said to have told friends.

“I thought we’d been on a spiritual journey together for the past ten years—but obviously I was wrong.”

A-Rod’s favorite player also noted that Guy “just wants more, and more, and more from me. It’s unbelievable.”

Sources say that Ritchie could end up with far beyond previous estimates of $54 to $70 million.

“The divorce is not a done deal yet. Guy will definitely keep Ashcombe [their country property] and he gets the cash equivalent of all their London properties and the Punchbowl pub, which was always his anyway.”

Meanwhile, Ritchie is said to be looking at acquiring a New York City apartment to be close to Rocco, 8, and David, 3, his sons with Madonna. Will it be anywhere near Madonna and Alex Rodriguez’s purported (but refuted) love nest?

And the drama continues…