Morning Frills #111: ‘The Moric, the Merrier’ Edition

Sure, Jessica Alba and her pals might have drawn the most attention at the 2009 Campari Calendar launch at La Permanente in Milan yesterday, but there was another very special guest at the hooch-sponsored soiree as well.

While Alba went with a damnably modest below-the-knee dress, Nina Moric decided to get a leg or two up on the competition by flashing as much gam as she could without running the risk of violating local decency laws.

Who’s Nina Moric, you ask? Have you been living under a rock?

The former Miss Croatia? the winner of the Elite Look of the Year modeling competition?

The vixen from the “Livin’ La Vida Loca” video?

Please, don’t play ignorant. Especially on the last one.

But just in case your memory really does need jogging, click through the gallery on the right for more sexy Nina Moric pics. Just don’t blame us if you get that stupid Ricky Martin song stuck in your head.