Patrick Dempsey on Break, Still Looks McDreamy

Patrick Dempsey, 42, is seen here taking a short break from filming his ABC hit Grey’s Anatomy. You might recognize him as the legend the world refers to as “Dr. McDreamy.”

No one fills out a winter overcoat accompanied by an earnest gaze like Demps.

He also looks a lot calmer since he’s not in his vintage Jag, eyeing the paparazzi like they were about to key his baby.

Despite admittedly being a dork in his younger days (Dempsey told People he once used an entire bottle of Polo cologne on his body before going to a party), he’s now the kind of elegant gentleman that most blokes aspire to be.

The actor has even come out with his own fragrance—Patrick Dempsey Unscripted.

“I love the smell on him,” his wife Jillian Dempsey, 41, says of her husband’s cologne. “If he wears it for a full day and it’s on his clothes, it literally becomes his scent. I feel it’s a part of him now, and it makes him even more sexy to me.”

The couple were married in 1999, and apparently his scent is sweet enough to keep them together.