Adrian Grenier: Wild-Eyed Filmmaker

Adrian Grenier, 32, was photographed in West Hollywood while working on his long-in-the-making documentary about paparazzi.

Mini-fridge owner Grenier, the star of HBO’s Entourage, is reportedly making a documentary about the symbiotic relationship between celebrities and the paparazzi.  According to Adrian, one cannot exist without the other.

Too, true.

This isn’t Grenier’s first foray into filmmaking.

HBO premiered his documentary, Shot in the Dark, in June of 2007. It documented Grenier’s search for his father, who had left his mother when Adrian was a baby.

Happy to say, Grenier found his dad in 2001 and the two have had a relationship ever since.

And as for this doc, Grenier has even enlisted the aid of Paris Hilton, 27, for his research.

Let’s hope everything stayed above board, so to speak.