Jennifer Garner Gets Nailed

Being an enormously pregnant mother-to-be can be stressful. Especially when you already have a sometimes-difficult three-year-old Violet Affleck to chase after.

So it’s hard to fault Jennifer Garner, 36, for hauling her baby bump over to Nail Spa Lane in Santa Monica, California, on Monday to receive a little TLC for her cuticles.

Perhaps the Alias actress—who officially announced her pregnancy in August after weeks of playing coy—was having her nails filed down so she doesn’t rip too much flesh out of 36-year-old hubby Ben Affleck’s hand when she grips it during her imminent delivery?

Ben will be hitting the big screen after the Holidays in He’s Just Not That Into You (which is clearly not the case in his relationship with Jen).  He’ll need his paw to be in good shaking shape for the film’s promotional rounds.

Then again, it’s also possible that Garner was at the nail salon having her claws sharpened.

With the unsavory characters who’ve been poking around in her personal life lately (and, no; that isn’t a reference to the paps), it doesn’t hurt for a gal to have a serious weapon literally at her fingertips.