Paris Hilton Gets Social in Madrid

With her social schedule recently opened up and her musical ambitions currently on hold, Paris Hilton went on an international promotional mission Tuesday.

She swooped into the Hotel Palace in Madrid, Spain, to hype up

Snugly wrapped in a bright dress of multi-colored geometric patterns, the 27-year-old hotel heiress, fashion designer and entrepreneur has clearly upstaged the product she was on-hand to promote.

Launched by Movistar, Keteke is a Spanish-based social-networking site available via mobile, Internet and television.

But really, can user profiles, blogs and friend feeds hope to compete with the network of friends, family and former friends that Paris has constructed in her time as a public figure?

There is no competition.

But maybe the site can give Hilton a tutorial on how to make social connections in Spain, and she’ll be able to stop launching reality-TV shows in her never-ending quest for new BFFs. That’s hot!