T.R. Knight Negotiating His Way Out of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

On Monday rumblings began that T.R. Knight is leaving—or rather, walked off ofGrey’s Anatomy.

Today Michael Ausiello reports in his EW column that Knight, 35, hasn’t quit the show yet, but he is negotiating an exit.

An ABC insider says both ABC and Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes are “working out the details now” for T.R. He’s technically under contract with the series.

Hollywood gossip blog Crazy Days and Nights kicked off the rumors yesterday by stating, “He is done and has quit.”

In contrast, EW’s ABC source says of Knight, “He’s still working…. He just feels that it’s time to move on.”

Actor Isaiah Washington was fired from Grey’s in 2007 for making homophobic remarks about Knight on the set in 2006.

Knight wasn’t publicly out of the closet at the time, but came out shortly after the incident.

An insider tells Ausiello that Knight was unhappy that it took Shonda Rhimes several months to condemn Washington’s remarks and eventually boot him from Grey’s. He has apparently been unhappy on the set of the show ever since.

Exactly how Seattle Grace’s “Dr. George O’Malley” will make his on-screen farewell remains to be seen.