Tom Cruise Finds Canada to Be ‘Risky Business’

Tom Cruise, 46, is hot on the promo press junket trail for his holiday film offering, the rebellious Nazi drama/thriller Valkyrie.

Cruise landed in Toronto yesterday by private jet, according to HoundsTV.Com, and headed over to the CBC for an interview on The Hour.

He plays Nazi colonel Claus von Stauffenberg in the historical thriller, directed by Superman ReturnsBryan Singer. Von Stauffenberg was part of a plot in 1944 to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

Immediately after the Hour interview, three black SUVs whisked Suri’s generous dad to the studios of Much Music, which is Canada’s version of MTV.

Despite the film’s seriousness (Nazis, Hitler, assassination attempts), the gregarious Cruise signed autographs for fans and laughed as he was greeted by two fans dressed in the exact same outfit Cruise wore in his famous scene from 1983’s Risky Business.

Pink dress shirts, socks and tighty whities!

It must have been a blast from the past for Cruise, seeing as he was only 20 when he filmed that now-classic scene that still continues to affect pop culture to this day.