Victoria Beckham Battles Her Boobs

According to the Daily Mail, Victoria Beckham, 34, literally “cringes” when she sees older photos of herself.

The garments she wears in the old shots cause her to wince because “[my] boobs are up round my neck.”

When not taming paparazzi with her 33-year-old soccer star husband, David Beckham, the fashionista mom of three oversees the creation of her own clothing company.

The label, dVb, debuted its first line of dresses during New York Fashion Week this past September.

The sleek frocks sell for between $1,300 to $3,800.  For that price, Victoria guarantees that a wearer’s bust will be displayed in a way that is both tasteful and bold.


“I know how a dress should sit,” insists the former Spice Girl. “I’ve worn so many in the past that when I see the photographs, I think, Crikey, my boobs are up round my neck again! Because the corsets are too short and not cut high enough.”

Beckham’s latest line was launched in London last week, and received positive reviews.

Some wags in the fashion press have noted that her creations bear a marked resemblance to the works of designers Roland Mouret and Giambattista Vialli. But Victoria will not have her accomplishments second-guessed.

“I really had to prove myself,” Victoria says. “But now I feel like I am competing in an arena where I belong. I was so nervous because this has been a lifetime in the making.”

And fashionable breasts the world over are thanking her for it.

Update: New York Magazine’s The Cut blog reports that Beckham’s aforementioned clothing line is performing surprisingly well. A rep for Bergdorf Goodman, where the collection of frocks retails for $1000-$3000, confirmed that about half the goods are already sold out.

“I don’t have a doubt in my mind that these special pieces will sell out,” said Bergdorf Senior VP (Fashion Office & Store Presentation) Linda Fargo told the site, “Our gals still want the rare and hard-to-find pieces, and especially things that are so flattering and well made. They’re sexy but elegant at the same time — a lethal combination for my money.”