VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon’s Bloggy Notion

Jimmy Fallon won’t be starting his gig as host of NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon until March 2nd. Like other recently promoted celebrities, the former Saturday Night Live wiseacre seems determined to hit the ground running.

In what he says will be a regular occurrence, Fallon, 34, has released his first video blog for the show.

In this initial installment, Fallon gives viewers a guided tour of historic Studio 6B in New York’s Rockefeller Center. The show will be taped on the stages that formerly hosted broadcasting giants Milton Berle, Jack Paar and Johnny Carson.

The would-be King of Late Night also encourages viewers to send their questions, comments, thoughts and suggestions to him via the blog’s “Ask Jimmy” section, and introduced his show’s official house band—The Roots! Check it out below:

Whoa; the smash-hit TV show of tomorrow, brought to your computer screen today. Ain’t technology grand?

New video blog entries will be released every Tuesday at 12:30 a.m., viewable at Whoo-hoo!