VIDEO: Tom Cruise Comments on Speidi’s Wedding

Tom Cruise made a special, albeit pre-taped, appearance on The Hills: Live After Show Monday night.

Yes, you read that correctly: Tom Cruise. On The Hills.

The 46-year-old husband of Katie Holmes dished out some wisdom to Spencer Pratt in his segment: “If the girl wants the wedding, you gotta do the wedding. It’s a special occasion, and she’ll remember it forever. Spencer, dude. You’ll realize this later.”

Tom was responding to a question posed to him about Hills cast members Pratt, 25, and Heidi Montag, 22, eloping to Mexico last month.

Check it out here:

Cruise is the second person to chide the two for their marriage tactics. Last week’s Us Weekly cover story featured an interview with Montag’s furious mother.

In response, Pratt tells Us, “You all know how I feel about big weddings, but if Tom Cruise says so, it must be true. If Tom’s the best man, we’ll have a big wedding!”

Well, Spencer might not want to hold his breath on that one.

Tom’s pretty much got his hands full these days.