Britney Spears: Backstage at the ‘Circus’ has exclusive pictures of the intense rehearsal that went into Britney Spears’ performance across Europe and on Good Morning America to promote her new album, Circus.

It seems to have paid off, the album is #1 on the charts!

Not only did Britney have the second highest chart debut for a female solo artist in 2008, but Circus’ success also brought her last album, Blackout, back onto the charts at #198, according to MTV.

Britney, 27, looking toned and with a stomach as flat a board. Her cadre of dancers worked with rings of fire and giant steel spheres to hone their dance moves into the razor-sharp spectacles that introduced Brit’s “Womanizer” and “Circus” singles to a global audience.

Britney is wearing a ringleader’s jacket in one of the pics, but didn’t sport it during her appearances in Germany, France, England, or New York City—so perhaps it’s going to be part of her costume for her world tour?

Britney’s tour, “The Circus starring Britney Spears,” is already so popular that she has added dates in Los Angeles, London, Chicago, Toronto, Newark and now Oakland.