Chace Crawford and Taylor Momsen, Dating?

Gossip Girl’s resident bad girl Taylor Momsen recently declared her intention to focus on her musical ambitions. Apparently, that includes making beautiful music with fellow GG star Chace Crawford.

The New York Post reports that Momsen and Crawford ducked away at Gossip Girl’s holiday bash at Haven, located on East 51st Street in New York.

A mole tells the paper that the two slipped the crowd to “steal kisses in the corner.”

Are the pair taking lessons from real-life Gossip Girl couple Penn Badgley and Blake Lively? Or did Chace, whose reputation as a lightweight drinker is well established, have a temporary lapse in judgment after sipping a little too much eggnog?

Crawford’s rep denies that the snog session occurred, and with good reason. Chace is 23, while Momsen is a mere 15 years old.

Careful, Chace, or your next television gig may be a lot less glamorous than you’re used to.