Chris Brown Does Things the Milky Way

Chris Brown seems to be embracing a healthier diet than his usual fare these days.

The 19-year-old “Superhuman” singer and Bone Deep actor has picked up yet another gig. Chris is the latest in a long line of celebrity spokespeople for the “Got Milk?” campaign, from the good people at MilkPEP (Milk Processor Education Program).

The ad—which debuts in Rolling Stone on December 12—reads, “Chris Brown feat. Milk. Another great collaboration? Milk. Some studies suggest that teens who drink milk tend to be leaner and the protein helps build muscle. So eat right, exercise and drink lowfat or fat free milk. Talk about a smooth move.”

Milk has the added benefit of being an acceptable drink when out on a date with your 20-year-old good pal, Rihanna. Although isn’t it about time to admit she’s your girlfriend?

A declaration of love over flutes of frothy milk could only be good news, Chris.

And here’s some more good news: In addition to the benefits above, milk is believed to promote healthy skin. And word on the street is that you sometimes need help in that department.