Naomi Watts: Pregnant and Hungry

A very pregnant Naomi Watts, 40, and companion/father of her children Liev Schrieber, 41, were spotted at Whole Foods in the East Village of NYC, stocking up on groceries.

And Watts, who is due to drop that kid any day now (she was announced to be in her second trimester in July), isn’t content with waiting to get home before she starts to chow down.

And you know she wants that kid out. She’s done everything but take a bumpy ride on a Vespa scooter to try and….oh, wait.

Schrieber, normally given to showing paparazzi interesting new obscene finger gestures, seems to be a little more concerned with making sure Naomi doesn’t eat everything but the actual shopping cart.

Watts and Schrieber already have one child together, Alexander Pete, 1, and Al’s soon to have a sibling.

A very healthy sibling considering the way Watts is tearing through those cookies.