Rachel Zoe Has a Few Bones to Pick with Her Critics

In the past, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe has shrugged off flack for allegedly bringing anorexia back into vogue with young female celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie—and herself.

It’s a claim she continues to strike out against.

“The thing is, we’ve had thin people in fashion since fashion began, and blaming one person for that gives me way too much power,” Zoe, 37, tells OK! magazine.

“I don’t have the power to cause anorexia any more than I have the power to cause obesity or addiction,” the star of Bravo’s newly-renewed Rachel Zoe Project adds.

Zoe looked gaunt as she attended the 11th annual Cracked Xmas fundraiser event for the Los Angeles gay youth organization the Trevor Project Sunday night. Her exposed ribs prompted further speculation about her own slight frame.

OK! estimates Zoe’s weight at about 89 pounds.

“Rachel is fine,” her rep told the mag. “She just got over the stomach flu and is busy working on the second season of the Rachel Zoe Project for Bravo.”

The first season of the series aired during the fall, ending in early October.

She certainly seemed healthy then.  During the concluding episode, she sat down at a kitchen table and stuffed her face with high-carb takeout food.

Anticipate her saying “I die” a lot, but in a fully energetic way.