Sean Penn and Lindsay Lohan: Strictly Business

Page Six reports that Lindsay Lohan was recently spotted kibbitzing with cinematic man of the moment Sean Penn at NYC’s celebrity hangout, The Beatrice Inn.

Now before anyone gets any ideas, Lindsay was accompanied by girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

And Sean, garnering rave reviews and Oscar buzz for his role as the first openly gay politician in the US in Milk, was with the film’s director, Gus Van Sant.

Sean and Lohan were said to have been discussing working together.

They’re not exactly a pair that you can imagine having major chemistry on-screen together.

Penn is an Oscar-winning actor, and one of the most talented thespians working today.

And Lohan….well, Mean Girls was funny. And she’s certainly… entertaining…in a tabloidy sort of way.

“Lindsay and Sean were talking about possibly doing a film together,” a source said. “Lindsay seemed like she was really into the idea.”

Of course she was. She has one film on her plate – Labor Pains. And that’s about it. Ronson’s DJ gigs seem to be paying the bills.

To work with an actor like Sean Penn and an esteemed director like Gus Van Sant?

Can you say career resurgence?