The Gossip Girl Gang Gets Ray-Banned

Everyone already knew that the Gossip Girl cast contains some pretty shady characters.

But the young stars of the hit CW show made it official last night at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City, attending the Ray-Ban Remasters event.

The shindig, held to celebrate the relaunch of Ray-Ban’s 1986 Club Master line, drew fashionable GG-ers Chace Crawford, 23, Ed Westwick, 21, Penn Badgley, 22, and Blake Lively, 21.

Also there to take a walk on the dark side were former Dawson’s Creek actor Joshua Jackson, 30, and his 32-year-old girlfriend, German National Treasure actress Diane Kruger, along with Secretary vixen Maggie Gyllenhaal, 31.

Oh, and 27-year-old Lipstick Jungle hunk Robert Buckley, who found the occasion so momentous that he actually wore a shirt for once.

Way to score some retro-cool schwag, guys!

And Chace, you’ll probably want to keep your pair of Ray-Bans on you at all times. They’ll come in handy if you have to go incognito for some reason.