Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio: Totally Losing It

As A-list stars, Tom Cruise and Leonaro DiCaprio seem to have it all.

Holding onto it is another matter.

The New York Post reports that both Cruise, 46, and DiCaprio, 34, have lost cheished personal possessions in the past week.

DiCaprio’s loss occurred while dining at New York eatery Rolf’s Sunday night. When he and his party switched tables, Leo discovered that his wallet wasn’t in his possession.

The actor began “turning the restaurant upside-down looking for his wallet,” according to a witness. Luckily, “after searching frantically for it, the staff found it in the dirty linen pile.”

Cruise wasn’t so lucky.

Katie Holmes’ loving husband was in Toronto, doing a PR blitz for his new Nazi epic Valkyrie. At some point, he realized that his BlackBerry had gone missing. Cruise’s reps called the studio of Entertainment Tonight Canada, where the actor had just done a one-hour interview, to see if anyone had come across the gadget.

“A search was done, but nada,” according to National Post columnist Shinan Govani. “So, basically, someone in Toronto has Top Gun’s crackberry.”

Bummer, Tom. But look on the bright side. Losing your BlackBerry probably wasn’t as distressing as some of the things you found during your Canadian junket.