Hayden Panettiere Still Heroing

All hail Hayden Panettiere, 19, running around, filming scenes as indestructible cheerleader Claire Bennett on NBC’s Heroes.

Despite the series’ flagging ratings and critical lows in its third season, Panettiere is still enthusiastic about her role as a teenage girl who is one of several super-powered Heroes tasked with saving the world from nuclear explosions, lethal viruses and the odd supervillian or two.

Her character will also reportedly be experiencing some personal tragedy soon (spoiler alert!).

Panettiere has an added motivation for reporting to the set everyday—it’s where she met her boyfriend. Hayden has been quietly dating co-star Milo Ventimiglia, 31, for over a year.

Well, quietly when off the set. It was reported back in July that Hayden gave Milo an on-set striptease for his birthday.

“She asked the wardrobe girls to make her a Velcro-lined version of the [cheerleader] outfit she wears on the show. As she sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Milo in front of cast and crew during lunch, she ripped off the costume to show off her sexy red lingerie. Milo’s face went bright red,” a source said.

It could be seen as a slightly odd relationship. On top of the slightly creepy age difference, the pair also play uncle and niece on the show.

And they cannot contain their chemistry onscreen together.  So the writers might want to rethink the relationship, and reveal that Hayden and Milo’s character’s aren’t related.

That way, viewers might shift a little less uneasily on their couches whenever Uncle Peter seems to be a little too close with his niece.