Jennifer Aniston Uncovers on ‘GQ’ Cover

Jennifer Aniston’s interview in the January issue of GQ (on stands December 23) is revealing, but not nearly as revealing as the cover shot that accompanies it.

John Mayer’s gal appears in just a necktie in the photo, posing pretty much in the buff, in a move reminiscent of her March 7, 1996, Rolling Stone cover, when she bared her bottom for that magazine.

Maybe Aniston is trying to prove that, at 39, she still has it?

Or perhaps she’s trying to dispel once and for all those nagging pregnancy rumors.

In addition, sources tell Celebuzz that, in the inside spread, Aniston is just as nude as on the cover, sprawled across a group of similarly unclothed male models.

She also fires off about a wide variety of topics in the accompanying interview.

On her recent “very uncool” dig at Angelina Jolie:
“The funny thing is, people don’t realize we all go away to the Hamptons on the weekends. That’d be hysterical: I’ve got Zahara on my hip, and Knox …”

On those aforementioned pregnancy rumors:
  “I am not having [John Mayer’s] baby. And I have not popped the question.”

On the need for more empowering female roles in Hollywood: “I think all women on some level just want to rage against the machine. There are too many movies out there that don’t empower women, movies in which their only way of being happy is finding a man. And you know, that’s not my favorite theme.”