Paula Abdul: Trying Out for ‘The Nutcracker’?

Paula Abdul, 46, was on David Letterman last night, acting like she’s taking fashion advice from her medicine cabinet again.

In some sort of Christmas-time majorette outfit, Abdul took the stage to the strains of “Straight Up” and proceeded to talk about her new line of Home Shopping Network jewelry….and not much else.

She especially didn’t want to speak about the Paula Goodspeed incident.

Abdul recently accused the producers of American Idol of setting her up by having Paula Goodspeed, a woman Abdul claims was stalking her for “17 years,” audition for the show.

Goodspeed committed suicide via drug overdose outside of Paula’s house in November.

Paula has apparently decided to keep her job despite her recent comments and the presence of a new female judge on Idol next season.

She somehow avoided talking about any troublesome incidents on Dave’s show. The conversation stuck to the costume jewelry she’s hawking.

Letterman, 61, is known for leading his guests into talking about uncomfortable subjects.

Someone seems to have gotten a call from a Fox executive or ten.

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