Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson: No Baby Bucks?

In this economic climate, even a celebrity baby can’t command the same cash for coos.

The New York Post’s Page Six is reporting that, despite best attempts by grandfather Joe Simpson, mama Ashlee Simpson and papa Pete Wentz, baby boy Bronx Mowgli can’t find a tabloid home for his public unveiling.

“Pete and Ashlee have approached every single celebrity magazine with offers to sell their first photos, but nobody wants them,” a mag source tells Page Six. “Covers of [Simpson and Wentz] tend not to sell well.”

Simpson and Wentz, 24 and 29 respectively, welcomed Bronx less than a month ago, prompting the question of when they’ll book the requisite soupy magazine spread of Mom, Dad and Baby.

The Post hints that the outrageous monetary demands of Simpson’s father Joe are preventing the little one from peeking out over a headline.

You be the judge: Would you buy the Ashlee, Pete and Bronx issue of any given celeb weekly?

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