YouTube Wars: Britney Spears Fan Raises the Bar

As if dance weren’t competitive enough, now the YouTube homages to music’s greatest divas are escalating among their most expressive fans.

A month ago, the world was taken by storm with a fit and frisky Beyoncé devotee doing, step-for-step, her choreography from the hit “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).”

Not to be outdone, an equally rabid fan of Britney Spears orchestrated a routine to “Circus,” the second single off of Spears’ hit comeback album of the same name.  The dance was mostly enacted from his shower.

Now, the Brit boy (nicknamed affectionately “McSteamy Jr” by, has come back with an all new performance, and a public one at that.


Usually filming from the depths of a cheerily-painted, accessory-strewn bedroom, McSteamy Jr. takes his new routine (“Kill The Lights”) to the streets.

Well, more accurately, the moving sidewalk at his hometown airport.

“He doesn’t [care] what people think of him, as long as he’s having fun, doing his own thing and being true to himself,” Team Britney writes.

He could end up with a big movie deal and become the Billy Elliot of America!

Take a look and try to decide who is more impressive—McSteamy for dipping low next to baggage claim, or his brave videographer for keeping his pace.