Barack, Miley and Madonna: 2008 eBay Hits

While there are plenty of cultural barometers that indicate who and what is hot, few are so monetarily minded as eBay’s top ten list of 2008 American Pop Culture Obsessions.

Where else would you find Barack Obama, Miley Cyrus and Madonna in the same company (aside from the approaching inauguration, of course)?

Miley’s Hannah Montana comes in at number four on eBay’s tally. Items tagged Hannah Montana were sold in 212,139 auctions, including CDs and DVDs.

On her heels comes President-Elect Obama, whose name sold 111,546 items, from signed copies of his book Dreams From My Father, to an actual piece of toast bearing his likeness (the Wonder Bread sold for $205).

Giving Obama a run for his money by a difference of 2,000 items come the kids of High School Musical, represented by original costumes from the film, floor seats to various personal appearances and naturally a few items that have grazed or shrouded Zac Efron.

Grinding in at the tenth spot is Madonna, who has had a most interesting year, selling 96,511 items. The Madge brand was used to auction everything Material Girl from a Halloween costume paying homage to “Like a Virgin” to, of course, tickets. Fourth row seats at a stop on her Sticky & Sweet Tour went for $2,800.

Not a bad tally for the 50-year-old, who clocks in as the oldest person on the ranking, well ahead of 47-year-old Barack and 16-year-old Miley.

Like a fine wine, she commands a higher price with age.