Did Gwyneth Paltrow Get Bust-ed Up?

Is there more than meets the eye where Gwyneth Paltrow’s cleavage is concerned?

The New York Post reports that in-breast-igators—after comparing and contrasting various images of the 36-year-old actress and Madonna pal—are claiming that Goopy Gwynnie went under the knife on the sly.

Suspicions were first aroused with Paltrow’s cover photo for Gotham magazine, in which musician Chris Martin’s wife appeared to be sporting more substance upstairs than usual.

“She didn’t used to have anything up top,” one expert on such matters tells the paper. “Now she does, and they are perky.”

Adding to the controversy is a topless scene in Paltrow’s upcoming flick Two Lovers, in which Gwyneth flashes a breast at retired 34-yera-old actor Joaquin Phoenix.

“It’s like the boob of a 15-year-old girl,” observes a tattler who’s seen the movie.

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